Olive Me Loves Olive You – John Legend

Olive Me Loves Olive You – John Legend

[Raaz] On “The Tonight Show,” John Legend revealed the “truth” behind one of his biggest hits, All of Me.

DISCLAIMER: This will most likely change the way you listen to this song…forever.

During one of the show’s segments called, “Behind the Lyrics,” artists apparently disclose “true stories” behind their biggest hits. This was what Legend had to say:

He said that Olive Garden never returned his calls. Come again? John Legend was rejected by Olive Garden? Well,we all know what happened next. OG took an L, and that jingle-turned-hit has been blowing up our speakers since then.

But, he didn’t stop there. Legend even changed it to ‘Olive Meat’ to see if it would catch the attention of Wendy’s. But, they dropped the idea at the last minute. Legend said, “So, now I’m hoping that Arby’s will take a nibble, if you catch my drift.”

Regardless, you’ve already won our hearts, John. ❤️




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