What’s Up With The Teal-Colored Pumpkins?

What’s Up With The Teal-Colored Pumpkins?

[Raaz] As much as we love Halloween, it can be an extra scary time for individuals, like myself, who have to be on the lookout for treats that could trigger mild-to-severe allergic reactions.

Chocolate, tree nuts, and wheat are known to be common allergies.

I kid you not. I once had an allergic reaction to chocolate cookies which contained pecans on them. I mistook them for almonds. One thing lead to the next, and, unfortunately, I ended up in the hospital due to a serious, life-threatening allergic reaction. Nope. Not a fun day at all. So, I can only imagine the concern parents express when taking their little ones out on Halloween night.

Lately, a teal-colored pumpkin has been trending on several social media sites. Well, the bright-colored pumpkin serves to help combat the chances of a child getting an allergic reaction by letting them know that it contains non-food treats.

So, that calls for less tricks and more safe treats this Halloween season!

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